Turned Parts

Established in 1971 our partner has grown with constant progression, adapting to the different market needs and today it is highly specialized in producing tailor-made small metal parts, mostly in brass, for different industrial fields, especially for the electrical and electronic sectors.

Specifically it produces components and semi-finished parts for the following products / industries:

  • Lighting
  • Industrial Electronic Connections
  • Electromechanics
  • Plugs and Sockets

The large investments in first level production lines, fully automated, have also increased over time the competitiveness and the production capacity of the company which is now able to run automatically every cutting, drilling, tapping, turning, milling, broaching, knurling, crushing and mounting screws.

The wide range of machines of our subsidiaries allows us to provide turned parts starting from brass wire with sections of both standard and special shapes ranging from 6 mm2 up to 100 mm2.

The most sophisticated quality control equipment such as roughness testers, microscopes, profile projectors, together with the software system of product traceability, ensure the timely verification of the agreed quality criteria.